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Loan Qualifier Calculator


Use our simple calculator to find out the approximate amount you should be able to borrow given your income and expenses. Remember this is an estimate only and other factors may need to be taken into consideration.

Application Type

Single Joint

Loan Type

Home/Investment Loan
Personal Loan


Enter income 1, net after tax
Enter income 2, net after tax (if any)
Enter other income, net after tax (if any)
Enter rental/investment income (if any)


Enter investment loan repayment (if any) [per month]
Enter other loan repayments (if any) [per month]
Enter your total credit card limit (if any) [$]
Enter number of dependants (if any)
Note: Other living expenses are calculated as a percentage of your income.

Loan Details

Qualification Interest Rate [%]
Enter term of loan

The amount you can borrow will be approximately

These calculators and the resulting calculations do not constitute a loan application, loan offer or loan approval.

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